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Ready to stand out in the beauty industry?


A great way to do it is by having a strategic social media presence. With EVJ Digital Solutions, you can bring your business up-to speed with ease: we'll set everything up for you and handle all of your content creation, interactions with customers, custom ads management – no sweat!


Get ready for competitive marketing advantages - let’s get started today!



A social media manager will help in a variety of ways.


Manage all your accounts: We’ll take care of all day-to-day management for your social media accounts, ensuring your platforms are updated regularly with fresh content and current promotions.


Increase brand awareness: Our team will create a customised strategy to help your business stand out on social media and reach a larger audience.

Monitor analytics: We’ll keep track of key metrics to help measure and optimise your campaigns.


At EVJ Digital Solutions, our team of experienced social media managers will professionally handle all your socials. It's a comprehensive package, allowing worry-free, complete social media coverage. We guarantee to:


If you're looking to take your beauty brand to the next level, this is how. A social media manager will take your brand to new heights and free up so much time, there's no downsides!

  • Increase your brand activity

  • Generate you more online traffic

  • Convert more leads

  • Build brand loyalty  

  • Make your brand shine

  • Win back your time


Super lovely team to deal with! Our experience with EVJ has been a breeze, they always answer all of our questions so that we understand completely what's going on and have really helped increase sales which is amazing.

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